Carl White

Carl is the founder of Barracuda Surfboards. From an early age he lived in the water, riding anything that would float. His obsession with surfing shifted in the early 90s when he began to focus on the hydrodynamics and detailed features of surfboards, and their designs. An inventor at heart, his mind was always dreaming up ways to improve old designs and innovate new ones. He imagined how water would harmonize with the shapes and contours of a board, and began shaping before he ever picked up a tool. On surf trips Carl found himself left behind in surf shops by his exasperated friends as he lingered to carefully examine each board, pick out flacks, check out the rails, foils, outlines, glass jobs, and fin placement. After a car accident, Carl found himself unable to surf for the better part of a year. His desire to stay connected to the surfing community during this time saw the birth of Barracuda Surfboards. He poured all of his energy into the company and every board he’s made since. The rest is history.

Scott Rowley

We are thrilled to announce that Scott Rowley of NW Surf Design will be working with us as part of our new Shapers Collective program. Scott has worked with Carl White in the past, shaping stock boards, and brings irreplaceable skill, experience, and good humor to the Barracuda team. Scott began shaping in 1981 in New Zealand and Western Australia. He first came to the Pacific Northwest in 1987, and has been shaping here since 1990. He worked for Cleanline Surf in Oregon for a couple years, before starting his own label: NW Surf Designs – one of the longest established board building labels in North America. Scott is an avid traveler. He regularly makes the journey from Vancouver Island to Chile, riding, testing, and checking out boards from other shapers along the way. Through his global connections with other shapers, Scott is able to lend his experience and craftsmanship to a wide range of board styles, from performance shortboards to alternative and retro shapes, to guns and longboards. Scott rides many of these boards personally, and develops them through feedback from other surfers in the NWSD family.

Andy Spear

Born and raised a stones throw from Nootka Island, Andrew has spent his life outdoors. Drawing inspiration from towering Douglas Firs, reeling point breaks, and big buck hunting, he brings an old world mentality to the Barracuda team. As a full time carpenter/contractor, husband (to lovely Allison), and father (to a very furry son named Fin) Andrew is a busy man. Any free time he has is dedicated to honing his fledgling shaping habit, or debating the hydrodynamics of displacement hulls. It's rare to see Andy surfing a thruster. He'd rather shape something and say "it might go?" He's grateful to have been influenced by the character and minds of many pioneers (both local and foreign): Manuel Caro, Scott Rowley, Danny Hess, George Greenough, and Bruno Atkey to name a few. Andrew's heart and hands are in shaping - the relationship between a shaper and surfer, and the belief that a hand shake will take you a long way.

Mick Sheinberg

Mick’s been surfing since he was a teenager. The first surfboard he ever owned he purchased in two pieces – then put it back together in his Mom’s garage. He loved the experience, and was thrilled when Carl offered him a position at Barracuda. Apprenticing under Carl, Mick discovered his skill and passion for glassing and finishing boards. Occasionally he shapes the odd board for friends. Whatever aspect of production he’s involved in, it’s clear that the craft is in his blood.

Jake Quigley

Jake grew up in Massachusetts, where he fostered a love for the ocean and making things by hand. His family moved around for a few years before settling on Vancouver Island. He surfed his first wave here in 2010 and has been addicted every since. It wasn’t long after that that he started shaping and fixing up his own boards. Jake spent the last year repairing boats at GRPC (a rowing/paddling club), where he learned acquired an impressive skill set that we’re glad to take advantage of.