Green Initiative

Barracuda is striving to manufacture using the most environmentally responsible methods available and eliminate as many of the toxins involved in the manufacturing process as possible. Traditionally surfboard manufacturing is extremely toxic and detrimental to the environment both in the products that are used and the manufacturing process. At Barracuda we are taking steps in both our product selection and manufacturing processes to limit our footprint and work towards carbon neutrality. This is how we are doing it.


We’ve built an entirely separate facility for all of our glassing. While we still offer traditional polyurethane glassing we are striving to implement zero volatile organic compound (VOC) resins. Offering both epoxy and urethane resins from Entropy Resins, Resin Research and C3D Industries. These companies create their products using renewable plant and starch based resources and none of the products emit any of the toxic vapours found in polyurethane resins.


We hand pick our blanks from US Blanks and Marko Foam. In doing this we are able to select the best blanks with the least flaws. By hand selecting from the very first stage we are able to control the quality of the boards at every step. When selecting our blanks we use a wide variety from both supplies with an emphasis on using recycled Green Foam blanks from US Blanks and 100% recycled EnviroFoam from Marko. We’ve noticed in 12 years of production that there is an excessive amount of waste derived from shaping the blanks. We collect all scrap foam and either mill it in house to re-use in repairs or return it to US Blanks to be made into new Green Foam blanks.